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Space/Time Modulator – Lucio Capece


Composiciones hechas e inspiradas en la escultura homónima de Lászlo Moholy Nagy (Bauhaus)

Lucio Capece es un músico argentino radicado en Europa desde 2002.
Toca clarinete bajo, saxo soprano, Sruti Box y dispositivos electrónicos analógicos. Desde el año 2000 se ha dedicado a la composición y a la música improvisada o creada en tiempo real. Capece ha desarrollado una particular aproximación a la ejecución instrumental, basada en técnicas propias, el uso de respiración circular y de preparados, que dan a sus instrumentos sonoridades que pueden relacionarse con la electrónica o lo mecánico.

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Descripción del producto

Solo Project recording, presenting three pieces:1-Space-Time Modulator
Lucio Capece: Non-input mixer sounds, editing, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, microphones, mini-discs.Inspired by Laszlo Moholy Nagy’s ”Space-Light Modulator” , Space-Time Modulator combines elements of random combinations and chance pairings to create unique sounds that are then further elaborated upon by a live musician. STM is a 50 minute piece made up of three axes of sound: the first two are comprised of sounds created with a non-input mixer (e.g. sounds produced by the mixer itself, without external information or inputs). This material has been edited, but not processed, leaving the sounds coming from the mixer in a pure state, and is played by two mini-disc players, one for each voice, in random function.
The third voice is played in real time, improvised with the soprano saxophone and the bass clarinet, using various methods of air production, and amplified by two microphones that are in turn controlled by two volume pedals, one for each stereo side.
The basis for these choices of axes is the following: pre-recording and editing of sounds allows for the creation of sounds that are difficult to produce or recreate in live playing; the random function, besides the evident modification in the time order of elements that build the piece, allows for a particular and unique superposition of sounds in each performance that is especially interesting with analog instruments. In this way, the material modifies itself, and at the same time is also modified through the playing of the saxophone and the bass clarinet.
The movements, materials and the whole concept behind the Laszlo Moholy Nagy masterpiece pushing the research of new developpements of sensibility, has been an special source of inspiration and creative energy,helping to develop extended techniques and a new criteria for expression. Space-Time Modulator seeks to continue his explorations and spirit.2-Space- Time Modulator 2. This a two minutes piece. Composed with previously recorded material produced by mixer feedback, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone. The piece intends to be performed with the Space –Light Modulator.3- Mixer feedback modified by inside amplified saxophone.
Improvised noise piece. A tape built with sounds played by Julia Eckhardt (viola) and Ludo Engels (recording) is played in the background of this piece.
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